The Game

Special and Unique Petuzzle Card Game, 3 in 1: Matching, Uno Type and Strategic Style Game that will give kids hours of entertainment and fun for all ages and you adults too.

how to play the game

The game comes with:

  • 50 cards using 25 different cats and dogs
  • Two copies of 12 dogs and 12 cats. Hmmmm, but wait that's only 48 cards.
  • You're right and the final card / pet will be determined by our one Mega Backer.
    Their cat or dog will make up that 25th pet.
  • Game One

    Beginning from the age of 2-6: It's a matching game! Place all the cards, face down and take turns matching the special felines or pedigrees.

    Game Two

    From age 4-10: It's a Uno type game where kids will be dealt a few card and play according to the symbols on the cards.

    Game Three

    From ages 9 and up: It's a game of twists and turns as we add dice and some pet tags as chips to the card game offering additional challenges.

    The Benefits

  • Ages given are just for reference purposes as many adults still play matching card games
  • Three different games in one
  • Hours of fun
  • Offers fun for all ages
  • Is family friendly
  • Conducive of quality family time
  • Ability to be creative and create other games using dice and pet tag chips
  • Show off you beloved cat or dog or memorialize a special lost friend.
  • This is only the First Edition
  • Why Kickstarter

    We feel this is a card game that will connect with everyone in many ways and Kickstarter is a huge global platform where we can easily reach more of them, from all over the world. Also:


    Don’t take our word. See what those who have play our tester game and plan to support us have said.

    My daughter is three and she carries her test deck around with her everywhere she goes. She loves the cards and has a favorite pet. Wait until she finds out I'm sponsoring her cat in the game.

    Ari G.

    What a cute idea. These cards are so nice, well made and excellent quality. The 3 in 1 idea is great and very economical which I appeciate. We enjoy sitting and having a special game night.

    Mark B.

    I own a small neighborhood store and hopefully I can carry the Petuzzle Card Game in my store for others to enjoy as well. I plan donate a deck to my son's kindergarden classroom.

    Jason T.

    How Your Can Help

    We ask that you please take a look at the campaign and consider giving a pledge / donation to Petuzzle Card Game 3 in 1. Find the project on Kickstarter Here. We thank you for your consideration in advance.

    Pledge to our Kickstarter

    We have some exciting and different reward levels set up so that you can find the right pledge that is appropriate for you and your family. These levels range from a thankful dollar to becoming a sponsor to where you or your business can gain much exposure.

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    Here’s a roadmap to the creation of the Petuzzle Card Game 3 in 1.

    may 2016

    Launch Campaign and soon Mass Production

    April 2016

    Testing Pre-Production Samples

    March 2016

    Crowdfunding Campaign

    Took the Crowdfunding Bootcamp and created this campaign

    jan 2016

    Began research on the actual game deck

    Dec 2015

    While matching cards with brother, the sisters
    decided to create a photo game prototype

    jan 2012

    Petuzzle App was created


    Petuzzle App

    This is the app that started it all. It is available now for download in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The app will be upgraded to match the Petuzzle Game Card. It is availabe for iPad (Petuzzle), iPhone (Petuzzle My Pet) and Android (Petuzzle Buddies) devices.

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